Sanah Kadoura'sHAWK EYES West Coast Pre-Release!  

Black Cat, San Fransisco 

September 12-16.

ft. Thana Alexa (13-15)

Rod Harris Jr.  

Guilio Santiago

Nick Lamb

Opening for Steely Dan Tour 

Oct. 4-11

Oct. 4 - Embassy Theatre - Fort Wayne, IN

Oct. 6 - Stanaham Theatre - Toledo, OH

Oct.8 - Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra - Pittsburgh, PA

Oct. 9 - Shea's Performing Arts Center - Buffalo, NY

Oct.11 - Lyric Theatre, Baltimore, MD

Svetlana Jazz Tour

Oct. 26-28 - Dc/Baltimore 

Sanah Kadoura Hawk Eyes 'Out Of State' Release!

Nov. 3 - The Side Door - Old Lyme, CT

The Cell

Dec.8 - 7pm

Fat Cat

Dec.13 - 7pm

The Bar Next Door

Dec.27 - 7:30pm

The Side Door Jazz Club

Jan.11/12 - 8pm - Old Lyme, CT